Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sex appeal is nothing that's manufactured.

My five favorites: red, black, flowers, documentaries, and clothes.

What I'm wearing: tribal shirt (Kris Van Assche), white wayfarer sunglasses (Ray Bans), black skinny jeans (Levis), socks (Richer-Poorer), brogue shoes (vintage)
What I'm watching: My favorite Adam Curtis documentary is, "It Felt Like A Kiss', and recently I started watching "Century of the Self"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Green and Gold

What I'm wearing: color-block striped t-shirt (Asos), prescription glasses (Zenni), black shorts (Kohls), gold hermes collier de chen bracelet (Hermes), socks (Polo by Ralph Lauren), neon green sole shoes (Nike)

So since its getting nice and warm outside I decided to go try and get back into blogging again, hopefully better and more consistent. I love this t-shirt green+stripes=match made in heaven. This look is a mashup  of the sneakers trend, color block trend, and summer comfort ease.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

H&M Online Shopping

H&M now has online shopping for the USA. Though they still have a low amount of selection, hopefully they continue to add more products. I have been waiting for years for this since I do not have one close to me. Now if only Zara could add online shopping.

Style on a Budget: Simple & Classic for Spring 2011

These are all on my spring "to buy" list. These are all simple enough that they don't scream "cheap" or "trying too hard. Just goes to show you you can find nice pieces anywhere. Look for simple, and understated pieces that will work with what you already have.